• August 25, 2017


Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! At an average rate of 3 mm per year, the sea level continues to rise, and though it may sound like a negligible amount, this increase only threatens to get worse. From rising temperatures, glacier melt, ice sheet melt, and alterations to land water storage, the rate will continue to increase, reaching a projected estimate of about 1 meter by 2100. Even at the current rate, we’re at risk of losing these ten submerging islands, which are destined to vanish within our lifetimes.

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10. Mombasa
9. The World Islands
8. San Blas
7. The Torres Strait Islands
6. Tegua
5. Marshall Islands
4. Tuvalu
3. Carteret Islands
2. Tangier Island
1. Maldives

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