• August 25, 2017

Top 5 Militant Myths About Spartans

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THIS IS SPARTA ! Or well, it’s what Hollywood wants us to believe it is…
In this episode of Top 5 Myths, we’re looking at all the lies films have told us about this legendary Greek warrior force – The Spartans. A certain Zack Snyder flick based on a graphic novel, 300, is quite guilty of skewing our vision of this military – but lets see what’s fact and what’s fiction. We’ll be asking questions like; Did they wear much armor? were all men spartan warriors? Were they sent into the woods as a rite of passage? Was pederasty a big deal in Sparta? Did 300 men alone fight to defend the pass? and many more.

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Militant Myths About Spartans

  1. Duh! Don’t get your history information from stupid movies. But, the legend of the 300 is somewhat true. There were other Greek troops there, but the Spartans were the first in the fight. And there may have been 400, 500, etc.? One thing you should know about history and myth, they loved to exaggerate the numbers, either higher or lower than they really were. Some of these old legends have armies of 100s of thousands or even a million (like the bible). BS! Persian troops have been highly over exaggerated ever since this legend started. Most cities, like Athens, on of the largest (about 100,000, including slaves, women, children, old men, and non-citizens), could at best muster about 5,000 soldiers on a good day. Smaller cities would be doing good to get 800 to 1,000 men. Then if you consider the fight was in a narrow pass, between a cliff and the sea. And the Persians were conscripts, many of them likely their first battle, fighting the best trained military in that part of the world. And the Spartans had the best and most modern metal weapons and armor, while the Persian had wicker shields and likely many with wooden spears, then it is not so fantastic, although still impressive.

  2. I’m sorry what, 3 is just totally wrong, spartans were not demoted to the helot class if they were not good enough, and all Spartiate citizens were eligible for service, and being born from two Spartan parents made them full citizens already. Who the fuck did the research for this shite

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