• November 26, 2017

Top 10 Marvel Heroes and Villains You Will Never See in the MCU

Top 10 Marvel Heroes and Villains You Will Never See in the MCU
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Rights issues, absurd concepts, or similarities that are too close to other existing characters have basically made these significant characters’ entry into the MCU nearly impossible. Though we would love to see these characters interact and exist in the world that Marvel Studios has carefully constructed over the years, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely.

List ranks and entries:
#10: Deadpool
#9: Onslaught
#8: Super-Skrull
#7: Death
#6: Miracleman
#5: The Silver Surfer
#4: She-Hulk
#3, #2, #1: ?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Marvel Heroes and Villains You Will Never See in the MCU

  1. It’s horse hockey like this that has me believing there are no longer artists in the world; everybody’s a businessman!!!!
    It’s said that some cartoons had their plugs pulled cuz their toys weren’t selling!!!!!

  2. That’s what everyone said about Spider-Man. If this video was made a few years ago he’d probably be #1 on this list. After that miracle it’s kind of stupid to make a video and say “never”. Who’s to say Fox won’t look at what Marvel and Sony did and think of doing the same? It gave them good press because it’s something the fans want and it was financially successful for them both. Also especially in light of more recent news of how Disney was in talks of buying Fox, meaning that X-men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool would be able to be in the MCU.

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