Top 10 Most Controversial Comic Book Moments

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Sometimes, pushing the boundaries in comics can lead to some truly memorable and interesting stories and moments – other times, not so much. These controversies that appeared in the pages of popular comic book series have stayed in the minds of readers since the moment they were printed, and not for good reasons.

List Rank and Entries
#10: Norman Osborn Fathers Twins With Gwen Stacy
#9: Speedball Turns into Penance
#8: Speedy’s Heroin Addiction
#7: One More Day
#6: The Rape Of Ms. Marvel
#5: Alexandra DeWitt’s Demise
#4: The Ultimate Twincest
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Controversial Comic Book Moments

  1. this is the most closed and narrow minded, out of context episode to date. you need to not be such a feminist, with the whole women should be depicted better stuff. I do agree however that comics should never have touched on things like rape and drugs, with all the violence and murder that it has.

  2. Oh no, Batgirl was only used as a prop in the Killing Joke Comic. If only there were some way that we could give her more character and more story in the story of the Killing Joke… NAH Nobody would want that.

  3. you really should take a second look at the audience prescription of about half of these events. most of these moments are seen a ground breaking moments in comics that show that it is far beyond the simple super hero stories people expect from the. the shooting of Barbara gorder was especially one, take a beloved characters and having her crippled because of nothing more then her connection to her father was what made that a memorable moment. not in how unfair it was for her but how twisted someone like the joker could be.

  4. What about Marvel singlehandedly destroying their own empire by giving into the demands of puritanical demagogues also known as feminists? That’s pretty controversial, for good reason.

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