• April 14, 2019

Top 10 Mysterious Locked Boxes That Should Never Be Opened

Top 10 Mysterious Locked Boxes That Should Never Be Opened
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Top 10 Mysterious Locked Doors That Can Never Be Opened

When you come across a mysterious locked box, what is your first instinct? Mine is to probably leave it there because I don’t want to know what’s inside but then there are a bunch of people who are very curious. Unfortunately, those people are putting themselves at risk of getting seriously injured or harmed. So yeah, I think it’s best if you just let the box be.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Mysterious Locked Boxes That Should Never Be Opened

  1. This video has to break a record for containing the most mispronounced words as well as the most words incorrectly substituted for ones spelled simularly but not even close to meaning the same thing. I will never understand why a YouTuber with such a huge channel seems to go out of his way to appear foolish. It is rare if not impossible to find one of his videos that doesn’t contain mispronounced words, but this one exceeds all the rest by mile long leaps and bounds. smh

  2. I want a technology to see ghosts.
    I don’t believe in a ghost of a person, but, I believe it manifests as a ghostly creature.
    I want a way to make the ghosts

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