• July 29, 2019

Top 10 Mysterious People In History

Top 10 Mysterious People In History
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet – I am your host Rebecca Felgate and know that you guys love a good mystery, I really do. So, for that very reason, I bring to you the Top Top 10 Mysterious People In History…. And time doesn’t seem to have shed any light on the matter!
I think number 6 is one of the strangest but there is a lot of strange in this neighborhood. Before we get into this video I want to know who the weirdest person you have ever met is? Let me know in the comments section below? Are you perhaps strange?
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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Mysterious People In History

  1. when i was younger and working at a video rental store, this guy came in and walked over to the cd section. He started talking to himself, saying things like “they dont like you,” “your pathetic” and answering himself with “How do you know?” like he was having a conversation with himself. this was before people had personal phones, (people carried beepers). he had a conversation with himself about some cd’s, arguing about how good one was. “thats trash, no its not, yes it is. ” This continued for about a half hour and then he left. He looked at me as he left, his face looked sad, depressed and a little angry, but he he gave me a perky “Have a great day!”

  2. Hi Rebecca love your outfit as always. I’ve been told I’m strange as I am a practicing witch so when people find out they think it’s very weird. Any long live queen of slythering Rebecca the first 🐍🐍

  3. I was at Costco with my brother, we were walking around and a random old lady went to my brother and kept on calling him lovely boy child. We walked and she followed us and also kept on calling my brother lovely boy child

  4. I met two most weird people. One was a boy who I was sort of friend but was disgusted when he started to eat food on the floor/ground, this was in school. The other one was a girl who would always stare at me while I’m eating in college, which is pretty creepy.

  5. Ok .. Hi, mmm back in aug 2011
    The 6TH… My sis 5 yrs my sr.
    GRHSOUL Jan burned todeath.
    in a house 🔥 …….. I didnt find out for a year later but short time after i was touched r/sh
    Top of my scalp etc. Later amonth or so a black geo spectre flew in my second story bedroom window in a wisk and at the split second i stopped my step to the bath
    And came face to face with a blacker than pitch levitating above my 🚪 door a was silent not a peep etc. Mmmm 👌 ok

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