• July 29, 2019

Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil

Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil
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Animals are crazy intuitive, they may do stupid stuff sometimes like when my cat slaps anything in her path. Literally once i was cutting salmon to bake it and she just came and slapped it. Like why? I don’t get it. But slapping salmon aside animals can sense things that we simply cannot. Their senses are heightened, their vision is probably better and i’m sure they have a ghost 6th sense. Dogs have been known to bark at thin air when really it probably wasn’t nothing it was probably a ghost that Spot was tryna save you from. Yes you are a good boy Spot. Anyway these are the Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Times Dogs Sensed Evil

  1. My dog Jake used to be my personal alarm clock, he would wake me up when he had enough of me sleeping. He a cheeky sod always wanted treat. But now I want a puppy 🙁

  2. Both dogs and cats are amazing and both will try their best to protect you from whatever. To prove it, do a top 10 cats sensed evil

  3. My chihuahua Rocky barks at *EVERYTHING* so yeaa Idk if there is a spook in the house or if it’s just my pup barking just to bark. Probably just barking just to bark.

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