Top 10 Ridiculous Facts About North Korea

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Top 10 Ridiculous Facts About North Korea
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The Democratic People’s Public of Korea sure can be an interesting place. From fake towns, to unicorn lairs, to their own version of Godzilla, North Korea is the source of lots of strange trivia. WatchMojo counts down 10 insane facts about North Korea.

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#10. They Built a Fake Town
#9. The Discovery of a Unicorn Lair
#8. Kim Jongil’s Cognac Budget
#7. Your Birthday Isn’t Always the Day You Were Born
#6. They Have Their Own Godzilla
#5. Fake Football Fans
#4. They Seem to Really Like Accordions
#3, #2, #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Ridiculous Facts About North Korea

  1. Because we don’t take the matter seriously enough, a lot of people think a full scale war on the Korean peninsula will be a cake walk. It would be one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history with biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons all being used, not to mention North Korea has the 4th largest army of dedicated troops in the world who will be more willing to die than surrender (similar to the Japanese in WW2).
    Also, China will most definitely intervene particularly if WMDs are being used on its border which brings a major superpower into the war resulting in WW3 and a highly likely nuclear exchange wiping out most of us. Possibly means that Russia might intervene as well as they share a small border with North Korea, or Russia taking advantage of America’s distraction and advancing into Europe opening another front for a Third World War.
    Assassinating Kim Jong Un or invading North Korea are terrible ideas because of the sheer death toll and levels of destruction that will occur if they happened. We have thought that past wars would be a cake walk and they turned out the complete opposite. Iraq and Afghanistan resulted in a decades long insurgency and the rise of ISIS. Libya has turned into a slavers paradise creating a situation in which the slave trade has made a resurgence, and yet people think attacking North Korea will be easy and done in a week with little to no damage for anyone except North Korea. Anyone who can look at all the past failures and say with a straight face that this time it will work just because I say so, with no evidence to prove everything will be all sunshine and rainbows is deluded.

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