• March 9, 2019

Top 10 Scary Internet Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Scary Internet Conspiracy Theories
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Don’t we all love conspiracy theories? I think the first one I ever watched long videos about actually the Illuminati. My friend told me he had been watching conspiracy videos about it so I decided to look into it and i was like WOW. i felt like i was dumb and the world as I knew it was not how it seemed. But anyway Illuminati aside there are way too many conspiracy theories circulating on the internet so lets dig our teeth into them.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Internet Conspiracy Theories

  1. The Titanic conspiracy is my dads favourite. He also heard that the iceberg wasn’t the sole cause for the sinking of the ship. There was a fire that started in the engine room and the captain and crew kept it quiet… 😱

  2. Hi Ayman, I had never heard about that theory on the titanic so it was very interesting but my favorite conspiracy theory was the one on JFK. That was definitely a huge conspiracy and cover up.

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