• March 9, 2019

Top 10 Scary Items Traded On The Internet

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Top 10 Scary Items Traded On The Internet
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So let’s start this list off with creepy items you can find on BUNZ itself…..10 – we have creepy doll head candles – Like …. Who, how, why? Who wants a wax dolls head – you can watch its face melt while it smiles at you? I’m not in the market for judgment but I have to say owning this candle treads a verrrrrryyyyy fine line between eccentric and super creep….although I guess it would make for a great Halloween prop. If you are the right kind of supercreep then this waxy head is still available on BUNZ and can be yours for 2000 BTZ…

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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Items Traded On The Internet

  1. $120 for a cow skull?? Puff, puff, pass. Puff, puff, pass is all I have to say. She might think about what she’s selling and sell the dope shes smoking instead.

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