• April 2, 2019

Top 10 Scary Kidnapping Stories

Top 10 Scary Kidnapping Stories
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Kidnapping is scary – its that simple. Its something everyone fears in one way or another – and for good reason. Some kidnappers are mentally unstable, others have sadistic minds, some could be family members and others might be strangers who are looking for a large ransom for the victims safe return. I found a number of threads on Reddit with people discussing their personal experiences with kidnapping. They’re shocking, they’re disturbing – but their stories are definitely worth hearing. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Kidnapping Stories …

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Kidnapping Stories

  1. I am from Bepal. My sister’s classmate is a girl from a rich family got kidnapped by some gang members for ransom in 2009, when she was im grade 10. They called themselves the Spider Gang. She was held for two days. They let her go after the ransom was paid.
    The kidnappers were caught, as they used her phone to make calls.

  2. My sister was nearly kidnapped when she was 13 and I was 16. A man came up to her, got in her personal space putting his arm around her, telling her she was beautiful and could be a model. He told her he could take her picture and help her get modeling jobs. He started to lead her out of the store. I caught part of what he was saying when I came to the book section where she was waiting for me. I jumped into action right away and grabbed my sister pulling her behind me. He said he just wanted to help my sister become famous and tried to grab her from me. I pulled out my pocket knife and held it to his crotch. I told him to leave and never come near my sister again or he would lose his dick. He looked like he didn’t believe me, probably because I look younger than my sister mostly because she is really tall and I’m really short. I invade his personal space and press the knife into him while telling him that he really picked the wrong girl and explained that I come from a family of cops. He ran from the store. The surge of adrenaline started to make me shake and I quickly dragged my sister through the store looking for our parents to explain what just happened. To this day my family consider me my sister’s guardian angel and hero. I don’t think I am, I just think we were lucky that he didn’t call my bluff.

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