• May 1, 2017


Welcome to Top10Archive! Hello YouTube, Jim Here! It’s all about the money. For you, the consumer, it’s all about saving as much as you can on every purchase. For the company you’re handing your hard earned cash over to, it’s all about emptying your wallet, so why should you trust there aren’t underlying and hidden truths that make them more? You shouldn’t, and after this Archive of the Top 10 Secret Ways Companies Are Ripping You Off, you’ll never look at your favorite companies the same way again.

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10. Wasting Electricity
9. Paying for Air
8. Hidden and Unnecessary Charges
7. Brand Name vs. Generic
6. Thicker Glasses
5. Sell-by / Use by Dates
4. Convenience Shopping
3. Plumping
2. Pre-Sale Price Hike
1. Prepayment Penalties

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 SECRET WAYS Companies Are RIPPING YOU OFF!

  1. On the bank one; I used to bank at National City (Now PNC) and they charged $34. They tell you this. What they didn’t tell you was that if you were overdrafted by more than 2 days; you were charged $8 PER DAY after that.

    I don’t bank there any more.

  2. #1 is logical: there is present value and future value concepts present in finance, I suggest give them a read to avoid “hidden” surprises for this matter.

  3. Life hack for fast food. You should always go at least 30 minuets before they close. I once want to a Popeyes and I got medium fries and they gave me more then large fries!!

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