• February 8, 2018

Top 10 Songs Of The Week – February 10, 2018

Top 10 Songs Of The Week February 10, 2018 according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Top Songs Of February, 2018
Top Songs 2018

A collection of the top 10 best songs of the week in January 2018 in USA according to the official Chart. We do our best to make quality videos that are family friendly and can be enjoyed by all family members including kids and younger audience. If you enjoy our videos please make sure to subscribe.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Songs Of The Week – February 10, 2018

  1. Next week

    ➡1. God’s Plan
    ➡2. Perfect
    ➡3. Finesse(Remix)
    ➡4. Havana
    ➡5. Rockstar
    ⬆️6. New Rules
    ⬇️7. Bad At Love
    N 8. Pray For Me
    ⬇️9. Motorsport

  2. 10 Thunder- Imagine Dragons 7/10
    9 Say something- Justin Timberlake,Chris Staplton 2/10
    8 MotorSport- Migos Cardi B Nicki Minaj 10/10
    7 New Rules- Dua Lipa 7/10
    6 Bad At love- Halsey 5/10
    5 Rockstar- Post Malone 21 Savage 11/10
    4 Havana – Camilla Cabello Young Thug 7/10
    3 Finesse – Bruno Mars Cardi B 11/10
    2 Perfect- Ed Sheeran Beyonce 8/10

  3. This is literally the worst top 10 list I’ve ever seen. And why on earth to people still listen to that drake crapp? He mumbles through his songs, the beat isn’t catchy and there is nothing to the lyrics.

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