• September 12, 2016

Top 10 Things Schools Should Teach

Top 10 Things Schools Should Teach

There are many skills we wish were taught in school; how to cook, how to manage your money, how to manage your time, how to communicate and how to get a job are all useful things schools should teach, but don’t. Other life skills schools should teach? There should be more schools that teach self-defense to keep students safe. And don’t you think high school seniors should learn how to stay safe online? WatchMojo helps point out the skills you’ll wish you’d learned earlier, so you can try to get a head start.

00:41 #10: Mental Health
01:56 #9: Communication Skills
03:00 #8: Sex Ed
04:04 #7: Computer Science
05:22 #6: Internet Safety
06:31 #5: Time Management
07:28 #4: Media Literacy
08:31 #3, #2 & #1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Schools Should Teach

  1. even if schools would teach things like internet safety they would get it
    let good old internet buffins like myself classify the different sections
    and their sub sections and give the classes with the truth and nothing but
    the truth like furries they are pretty much harmless but social services
    accuse them of paedophilia.
    iv taken my time to study many of the fandoms of the internet and i can
    teach people which ones to avoid and which ones to make your best friends
    for life.
    furries are not pedos the people who identify as a small child when they
    are actually in their 40s are most likely are.

  2. I’m really supriced about Greece’s education system because we already have
    Sex Ed (well Kinda, there is a whole 60-paged-chapter in Biology where we
    learn about male/female genitals, STI’s, protection and why we should do it
    not only for preventing auccidental pregnancy, period and pregnancy on
    general), internet protection (a small chapter (two-three pages) in
    Sociology as well)

    and I’m talking about public high schools, not even the private ones.

  3. a lot of these are common sense and you can google it. schools teach things
    that require years of teaching and that help you find a good job in the
    future. not everyone can get away with being a dumbass YouTuber or wannabe

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