• September 12, 2016

Trevor Philips Vs Vaas Montenegro

Trevor Philips Vs Vaas Montenegro
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Their cool, their crazy, their the best characters in their respective franchises: it’s Grand Theft Auto’s Trevor Philips versus Far Cry 3’s Vaas Montenegro. Who’s the craziest, the most insane, the funniest, the best fighter, the most resourceful and who would win in a fight? Take a look and who comes off as we explore the definition of insanity.

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11 thoughts on “Trevor Philips Vs Vaas Montenegro

  1. vaas was,is one of the greatest villains in video game history, but Trevor
    is smart and crazy as hell and will do whatever it takes for the things he
    wants. and gets them.

  2. All the children in the comments that can’t realise that GTA V is a great
    game but not brilliant and was way over hyped and without online it would
    be mediocre, go play Far Cry 3 and GTA IV. I wish they would give 4 the
    graphics of 5 and expand the map and add Maine at the top for some forest

  3. I absolutely love both characters they’re both well written and interesting
    to watch and listen to but in my honest opinion Vaas takes this because
    he’ll just screw with Trevors mind and probably change him into a different
    person mentally kind of like what he did to Jason (depending on which
    ending you chose in Far cry 3)

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