• September 1, 2016

Top 10 Trickiest Race Tracks In Video Games

Top 10 Trickiest Race Tracks In Video Games

These video game race tracks are frustrating! They are the most difficult race tracks in video games. They’re tricky to maneuver around, making you rage quit in no time! There are sharp turns and difficult objects to avoid on the race tracks in these video games. Rainbow road from Mario Kart is a classic but what about Cosmo Terminal from F-Zero GX. Also, Hot Air Skyway inCrash Team Racing, Citti di Aria in Gran Turismo 4, Autumn Crossing
“Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. On the N64, or the playstation or xbox these racing games feature the most difficult racing tracks.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Trickiest Race Tracks In Video Games

  1. This list is the reason “one entry per franchise” rules exist. If not for
    that, all 10 entries, and the honorable mentions, would all just be F-Zero

  2. I immediately thought of Abyss from SW Ep1 Racer, but didn’t think people
    acknowledged that game’s existence

    Take it super slow, let all the other racers pass you, then very carefully
    DON’T FALL DOWN. Then punch it and you’ll be well ahead by the 2nd lap.
    Rinse, repeat

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