Top 10 Worst Sonic Games: Best of WatchMojo

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Top 10 Worst Sonic Games: Best of WatchMojo
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The “Best of WatchMojo” is a new series that highlights some of our biggest and best videos. Since these videos originally published we’ve added millions of subscribers and viewers who may not have seen these videos. Watch it again for the first time!

Gotta go fast…and throw these games out. Take a gander and the worst of the worst from the blue blur, the hedgehog with a taste for chili dogs, Sega’s blast processor powered mascot. Welcome to and today we’re taking a look back at one of our favorite clips: the Top 10 Worst Sonic Games!

#10. “Sonic The Fighters” (1996)
#9. “Sonic Labyrinth” (1995)
#8. “Sonic 3D Blast” (1996)
#7. “Sonic Shuffle” (2000)
#6. “Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis” (GBA version) (2006)
#5. “Shadow the Hedgehog” (2005)
#4. “Sonic Free Riders” (2010)
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Sonic Games: Best of WatchMojo

  1. While Shadow the Hedgehog game had his problem and i do wish they would remake the game and fix the bugs that caused it trouble for what it was the opening scene was pretty good

  2. Mojo: Were running out of ideas! What should we do?
    Executive: Copy Jontron.
    Mojo: Were running out of ideas! AGAIN!
    Executive: re-upload videos

  3. If you still try to defend the 2006 game you need to seek medical attention straight away. I have played hundreds an hundreds of games and Sonic 2006 was by far the worst thing i have ever played. There was nothing redeeming about it.

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