10 Secret Things Your Body Language Says About You

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Want to spot a liar? Figure out if someone likes you? Or even trick yourself into feeling more confident? Look no further. This is 10 Secret Things Your Body Language Says About You.

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10 thoughts on “10 Secret Things Your Body Language Says About You

  1. Just from the thumbnail. Trump’s smiles are fake. He is fake. He has no interest in anything but himself. This Presidency is only so he can boast that he got to the top of your nation. He’s nothing more than a childish bully.

  2. As a certified Australian I can tell you that while two fingers can mean up yours it can depend on how you do it. It’s obvious when someone’s telling you to go fuck yourself. Mostly because we naturally hold our palms forward away from us when signing numbers but the manner in which you do it does matter as well. As for the thumbs up thing; nerves heard of it personally, probably more a bogan thing?

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