• September 1, 2017

Top 5 Catchiest Despacito Facts

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This song by Luis Fonsi has shattered Youtube records in no time, but how much about its background do we know? In this instalment we’re asking questions like; who used the song as a political campaign? What does Justin Bieber thing of the song? What has the song done for Puerto Rican tourism? What is the meaning of the song’s lyrics? and where does it stand next to Psy and Wiz Khalifa? Buckle up because you won’t hear this song the same way again.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Catchiest Despacito Facts

  1. I’m from Puerto Rico and I feel so sick about this shitty song. We’re leaving in a fucking economic crisis, jobs are hard to find and the island is falling apart but yet Luis Fonsi is such a pig and charges $700,000 so they can use it for the tourism agency. La Perla is one of the most beautiful places in San Juan and is home for very nice and humble people, yet is a place people like Fonsi won’t go just for fun. This whole song is just bullshit. Then Luis Fonsi has the guts to talk about Venezuela, expressing his solidarity with the country when he doesn’t have solidarity with his people. If you want to know more about Puerto Rico just look at something else besides this song. We have so much more to offer than this.

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