• September 1, 2017

Top 5 DEADLY Facts About Trampolines

Top 5 DEADLY Facts About Trampolines // Subscribe: //
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These bouncy death traps have caused quite a stir throughout the years. We see them on the news all the time: people getting in accidents, crippled, or even killed – all for the thrill of going up and down. In this episode we’re looking at the hard facts and asking questions like; How many injuries have they caused? how many people died on trampolines? Do Safety nets even work? What are the medical risks? Are olympic trampolinists flawless? and many more!

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 DEADLY Facts About Trampolines

  1. 11 deaths in almost a decade? Typically one per year? Wow. I bet more people have choked on a toothbrush than managed to kill themselves with a trampoline.

  2. Hahahaha fuck off, this video is literally one of the comments you always see in the comment section like “how about next time “top 10 socks”” or “top 10 doors in movies”.

    Like, this is a joke. Right?

  3. Okay, I agree that tramps can be dangerous, but you often showcased those crappy walmart tramps with no nets, and not all trampoline brands have springs. I do triple flips and my tramp is called springfree. It has no springs and the net can catch SO MUCH WEIGHT. So don’t act like all tramps are horribly dangerous

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