• November 20, 2017

Top 5 Fan Theories of How The Walking Dead World Came to Be

Top 5 Fan Theories of How The Walking Dead World Came to Be
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How do you think The Walking Dead world came to be? Rick and company have been fighting to survive for years, but what forced them into this monstrous world? We’re looking at both the most plausible and original fan theories, such as that it was caused by a fast-acting virus, that recreational drugs went very wrong, or that a simple lab experiment caused it all. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 5 Fan Theories of How The Walking Dead World Came to Be.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Fan Theories of How The Walking Dead World Came to Be

  1. Or just listen to what that Hawaiian guy in fear the walking dead was teaching his class…in essence, nature is the cause… A highly mutated virus/bacteria/parasite like thing that infects living humans through water or air making everyone pretty agressive and unreal (thats why there is so much drama on the show) spreading from person to person through air or water would be very easy and quick, but as an unwanted side effect it brings the dead partially back to life like a last ditch effort for the virus to stay alive, in motion, to spread. Once the virus reaches the “side effect” or “plan B” phase there is no going back to a living host. Once introduced to a living host through spit/bite of a zombie, the virus just continues the reanimation phase killing the host in a fever like state and reanimating it…If it was weaponized the virus or whatever it is wouldn’t be global, if it was accidentally released Jenner would’ve known at least what it was (he was in global contact with other CDCs around the world)…This virus, or whatever it is, was quick, infecting the whole human race in days…

  2. Actually, if the show follows the same time passage as in the comics, it hasn’t even been two years, yet. Also, Judith is still a little baby. She hasn’t really grown up, yet, either.

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