• January 6, 2017

Top 5 Myths About Apple – DEBUNKED!

Top 5 Myths About Apple – DEBUNKED!

If you’re a fan of Apple Macintosh you might want to know these misconceptions. If you’re a fan of Microsoft enjoy! In this episode we’re asking questions like; Are apple products good? Do apple accessories work better? is jailbreaking an iphone illegal? Are iphones the most popular phones? Are iphones the best phones? Can macs get viruses? Did apple invent apps? Who is Steve Jobs? The answers are all here.

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Apple – DEBUNKED!

  1. you forgot the biggedt myth of them all that apple products are better than
    other devices… but we people in youtube usually have a 3 digit iq so i
    think everyone already knows they arent….

    If you didnt get the joke you’re probably a apple fan

  2. @WatchMojo.com you were wrong there, Iphone 7 wasn’t the ”best” phone in
    2016 it actually was samsung galaxy S7 edge. The S7 calcifies as the best
    phone you could buy in 2016.

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