Top 5 Myths About Sleep

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Top 5 Myths About Sleep
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Worried you’re not getting enough sleep? Always feeling tired? These myths may give you the wrong impression about your sleep-related health. In this video we’re asking questions like; Can you make up for lost sleep? Is sleeping one long 8-hour period the norm? Are Naps bad for you? Are Early Risers better at performing? Do you need 8 hours of sleep? and many more. So get comfy in bed and watch as we count down these misconceptions.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Sleep

  1. what about that your life will end the minute you go to sleep and everything prior to today has been an illusion. You didn’t mention that, so I guess it’s not a myth.

  2. The fucking dog won’t let me sleep or the fucking door slamming right before I fell asleep >•< annoying as the loud nosies seriously this is not worth it

  3. But don’t naps too require actually falling into deep sleep in order to really have any effect? As in you can’t really take a quick nap because reachimg the first deep sleep cycle takes some 30 minutes after you’ve actually fallen asleep which in itself on average takes 12 to 20 mins. As in to take a 10 minute nap you’d actually need about an hour to do it. Even if you took a “power nap” it would require slumbering until just before the deep sleep state. You don’t really have that kind of time at work or school. And would you really want to waste precious spare time on that unless you were super tired or absolutely needed to be on high alert in the evening?

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