• December 10, 2017

Top 5 Things Justice League Changed in the DCEU

Top 5 Things Justice League Changed in the DCEU
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“Justice League” had a huge impact… on the DCEU, that is. The DC Extended Universe will forever be changed by a number of new developments and concepts introduced in the newest film. In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the most significant developments introduced in “Justice League” – so a spoiler alert is definitely in effect.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Things Justice League Changed in the DCEU

  1. What was it this list was for again? Oh yeah just an excuse to make another video about JL. There’s nothing on this list that changed anything. They just set up other films.

  2. My hopes for the future DCEU films
    1. Aquaman: make sure the water looks realistic, be more like Wonder Woman film, get the story right, don’t take it too far and no controversies.
    2. Gotham City Sirens: make their costumes amazing and original, but not showing so much skin. Also no extended or deleted scenes.
    3. Flashpoint: get this movie right and you’ll get a 100% on rotten tomatoes just like the animated film, no extended scenes. If its too dark then make it, who cares
    4. Birds of Prey: if you gonna make another superhero team up film, don’t ever rush it because it will really really suck if you rush it.
    5. Green Lantern Corps: learn your mistakes from the 2011 film, make a green suit that’s not CGI or animated, pick the best actor beside Reynolds.
    6. Cyborg: i’m expecting that Teen Titans are involved to this, if not it’s okay.
    7. Wonder Woman 2: I wanna see Cheetah as the main or minor villain of the film, Gal Gadot is perfect as WW.
    8. Harley Quinn and Joker film: make it much much better but don’t take it too far, bring chemistry and drama into it, no extended cuts.
    9. Suicide Squad 2: get the story right, learn your mistakes from 2016 film, new characters, don’t rushed it, humour and action pack.
    10. Man of Steel 2: Don’t make it very intense, make the fight scenes even longer but too much you know. I want to see Clark and Lois’ wedding day, its worth it and romantic.
    11: Flash: be more romantic to Iris West, I wanna see her father and Kid Flash, make it better than Justice League film, Ezra Miller rocks! and no extended cuts.
    12. Justice League Dark: make sure Swamp Thing looks cool and creepy not CGI, Guillermo del Toro please impressed us please, no rushing and extended cut, make it darker with a little bit of humour and seriousness.

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