• October 13, 2016

Top 5 Weird & Wild Chimpanzee Facts

Top 5 Weird & Wild Chimpanzee Facts

Who doesn’t love chimps? (Well, besides the humans in Planet of the Apes…) Chimpanzees are a fascinating species, and studying them like Jane Goodall did might just give us a window into our own evolution. In this episode of WatchMojo’s Top 5 Facts: some of the latest chimpanzee research, weird chimp diet facts, and you’ll also see chimps’ hot cousins, the bonobo.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Weird & Wild Chimpanzee Facts

  1. I find monkeys of all animals, the creepiest.
    Dont want to be alone with a fucking chimp, rather with a polar bear thats
    just gonna kill me right away

  2. Some other random Chip facts:

    – Chimps tribes sometimes wage war on other tribes, killing the other
    chimps. Even their young. Chimps have even been found to even eat other
    chimps from other tribes (Cannibalism).
    – Chimps masturbate
    – Chimps can be homo- and bisexual.
    – Chimps are the animal being closest to humans, sharing 98% of their DNA
    with us.

  3. You forgot to add the fact that Chimps eat meat and hunt. They are violent
    omnivores. They hunt in coordinated groups. Most people think still think
    Chimps are gentle herbivores.

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