• October 21, 2017

Top Ten Ways Humans May Cause Their Own Extinction

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Ever wonder how long will humans last on Earth? Are we destroying ourselves? From experimental technologies, to geoengineering, to biological warfare, human annihilation may be inevitable. WatchMojo counts down ten ways humans may cause their own extinction.

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#10: Lack of Resources
#9: Experimental Technologies
#8: Geoengineering
#7: Food Shortages
#6: Overpopulation
#5: Air Pollution
#4: Biological Warfare
#3, #2 & #1???

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways Humans May Cause Their Own Extinction

  1. The so call food water resource sustainability, peak oil, overpopulation and climate change are propagandist bull crap. Air pollution is one that can be resolved with collective action by governments but little has been done, reduce waste of resource in production is the key to true sustainability.

  2. so you name overpopulation as a big threat, but alongside that you name threats that would reduce the population… sounds like things are balancing each other out to some degree.

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