• December 31, 2018

WatchMojo’s Best of 2018 BINGE VIDEO

WatchMojo’s Best of 2018 BINGE VIDEO
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Best TV of the year! Best Video Games of the year! Best Movies of the Year! Best YouTube Channels of the year!
2018 was a crazy year and if you’ve been following along with our Best of 2018 series, then you’ve already seen a lot that the year had to offer. In this first episode of BingeMojo, we’ve put together the 5 videos in a row so that you can lean back and watch our picks for the Best in TV, Movies, YouTube, Video Games and Pop Culture. Let us know your picks in the comments below

BingeMojo is a brand new series where we group a bunch of related videos together for you to watch all in a row. Let us know what else you wanna Binge! Best of Anime? Best of Horror? Best of Game of Thrones? Best of YouTube?!

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16 thoughts on “WatchMojo’s Best of 2018 BINGE VIDEO

    1. Best of 2018
      God Of War best game of 2018
      Avengers Infinity War best movie of 2018
      Horrendous Idol best album of 2018
      Behemoth Bartzabel best song of 2018
      CyberKnight best YouTube channel of 2018
      None for best TV show unfortunately i don’t have time for TV
      Pop Culture moment of 2018 of course Marvel year RIP Stan Lee

    2. WatchMojo.com 1: the way you use the royal we, not high listing your personal opinion

      2: the monotone voices used for your videos, except the British guy, his voice is hot 😂

      3: the constant hate me and many others throw at you for your non originality

      Just a couple of things

  1. Don’t know how I feel about watchmojo just copping and pasting their videos into one but video. We already saw all this….
    it’s like doubling down on the same content

  2. I het that making this video’s take time to make, but into the spiderverse should have been on the list! I saw it a few days ago and it was AMAZING!

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