• December 9, 2018

What If Superheroes Were Real? | Alternate Reality

We live in a world of Marvel, DC and heroes – but what if those heroes leaped from the page and screen and into our own reality? Would it be for the greater good, or would it be catastrophic?

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10 thoughts on “What If Superheroes Were Real? | Alternate Reality

  1. Accurate plus with all the super powered individuals walking around in this world you’ve created it would be so much easier to create fear about them because lets face it in these kinds of worlds you have a Variety of power levels some people would be just above superhuman like captain America and some people would be earth breakers like hulk and others would be so powerful like the scarlet witch & superman they are practically gods. In short the people who are like angel and toad would get attacked by mobs and probably murdered because hate groups never and differentiate between individuals among the group they hate.

  2. this video in all its marvel fanboydom has completely ignored the one biggest comic story ever of them all.
    in watchmen, the superhumans have simply been illegalized. well and the one, who actually has real godlike powers has become so estranged to humanity that he finally exiles on mars.

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