• April 16, 2017

Why Heroes Don’t Stay Dead: Resurrection – Troped!

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Have you ever wondered why writers even bother to kill of major characters only to find some magical or convenient way to bring them back to life? Resurrection has been a part of human culture and in our stories from ancient Greece and Egypt, to Jesus, to Superman – it’s everywhere! So why is it so common for characters in movies, tv, comics, and video games to cheat death? Is resurrection a cheap marketing ploy, or a key aspect of the classic Hero’s Journey? Don’t worry, faithful pop culture fanatic – Troped! will answer these questions and more.

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10 thoughts on “Why Heroes Don’t Stay Dead: Resurrection – Troped!

  1. “Why heroes don’t stay dead”. Tell that to rob stark, ned stark ,khal dhrogo, trywin lanister,sir barrister and the others.In game of thrones those who are heroes die and those who don’t die become heroes. 😎

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