• September 12, 2016

10 BIZARRE Things Found in Space

Welcome to Top10Archive! You thought that just because we’d made our rounds throughout our galaxy that we were done with our intergalactic travel? Psh. There’s so much more in that deep vast blackness that will keep us busy for some time to come – such as these 10 incredibly bizarre and unusual objects that have either been found in or have come from space!

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10. Rogue Planets
9. Gliese 581g
8. Dark Matter
7. Magnetars
6. Black Hole
5. Black Widow Pulsar
4. Pillars of Creation
3. Sagittarius B2
2. Galactic Cannibalism
1. Brightness Fluctuations in KIC 8462852


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13 thoughts on “10 BIZARRE Things Found in Space

  1. If NASA paid you $2 million dollars to be used for an experiment to see if
    a certain exo planet was habitable, would you say yes? (Taking into account
    u might die)

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