10 LIES You Were Taught In SCHOOL

Welcome to Top10Archive! Think you know the world before you were born? Despite references, texts, and recounts, chances are not everything you were told or think you know about the history of the world is accurate. In this installment, we’re shining the light on some of the more popular historical myths to help keep our Archivists well informed!

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10. Pythagorean’s Theorem
9. The Battle of Thermopylae
8. Cleopatra was Egyptian
7. The Burning of the Witches
6. The Death of Grigori Rasputin
5. Slaves Built the Egyptian Pyramids
4. The Fourth of July
3. The Invention of the Light Bulb
2. Napoleon was Short
1. Columbus Discovered America


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13 thoughts on “10 LIES You Were Taught In SCHOOL

  1. It’s all about entitlements and not facts. I belief that many adventurous
    sailors came to the continent of America but it just happen that Cristobal
    Colon was smart enough to put a patent on this continent. The native were
    here first, so I guess they discovered it first right?. White people need
    to put a patent on this land and the only way is by placing vikings before
    any one else lol…Crazy world we live in but, in about 10,000 years the
    new top ten archive’s conspiracies will place Donald Trump as the first
    Native American discovered by Vikings ha,ha,ha,ha.

    1. Same here – I’m from Michigan. We weren’t taught the story thoroughly, we
      basically got the rundown of, “People were just crazy back then and killed
      random people because they thought everyone was a witch.. lots of people
      were burned.. the end.” lol xD

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