• December 8, 2016

10 News Reporter Fails On Live TV (Try Not To Laugh)

Welcome to Top10Archive! This just in! The Top 10 Archive is back again with another thrilling installment! Known for delivering the breast content… Wait, did I say breasts? Ugh, I meant best! Best content! Oh well. As you can see nobody’s perfect, which is great because human folly is what gives us this hilarious Archive of news reporters that completely mucked things up.

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10. Perkin’s Naptime!
9. Can’t Take a Hint
8. Poor Dana
7. The Great Grape Guffaw
6. Brian Does His Best
5. The O’Reilly Meltdown
4. Failing All Over
3. Presidential Mix-Up
2. Put Away The Crack Pipe!
1. Rob Leth’s Bad Idea


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16 thoughts on “10 News Reporter Fails On Live TV (Try Not To Laugh)

  1. the O’Riley factor is the highest rated cable news program of all time,
    only being surpassed by Glen Beck, before the government took him off air.
    i am unsubscribing from your channel for the attack on O’Riley. plus, your
    voice is annoying and you have horrible taste. daring people not to
    laugh… try using funny videos, next time, for the sake of your viewing
    audience. buh bye, now

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