• December 8, 2016

10 Recent Science Discoveries That Blew Our Minds

Welcome to Top10Archive! Science is an ever-expanding field with discoveries being made more frequently than any of us may realize. While some may work as simple watercooler conversation in labs, other findings, like the 10 compiled in this installment, are astounding and, at a risk of sounding over-dramatic, completely mind-blowing.

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10. Trees Have a Period of Reset
9. The Illustris Project
8. Homo Naledi
7. Entelognathus Fish
6. Long-Term Memory Cells
5. Creation of Vocal Cords
4. Artificial Photonic Molecules
3. Artificial Senses
2. Cyborg Flesh
1. Mind-Controlled Prosthetics


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18 thoughts on “10 Recent Science Discoveries That Blew Our Minds

  1. The ever growing number of scientific advances,paradoxically,will cripple
    civilization in the end.
    Once effort is no longer necessary, people will be stymied in irresolvable
    creating troubles of ever greater magnitude…

    1. You sir, are a liar and a fool. The only thing that will cripple
      civilization is self absorbed retards such as yourself. Do everyone a favor
      and throw yourself off a cliff.

  2. Most of these aren’t discoveries, they are IDEAS. All these are are just
    exactly what we call them, THEORIES. Has anyone ever seen cells with their
    own eyes and not through microscopes. How do you know microscopes show
    accurate things when the science we use to back them up is based on
    unproven ideas and inaccurate equipment. Many people however have seen God
    and Jesus and the power that they have through out history up until the
    modern day. Don’t just believe things because people claim it’s science so
    it’s right.

    1. llongone2 … You realise science was made up as well? And not by
      “educated” people. We’re talking about the ancient Greeks and the corrupt
      era of the Victorians.

    2. llongone2 This is exactly what I was talking about. “Believe it cause
      science.” Off course I believe millions of wise people over thousands of
      yeers who have built the very foundations of everything good in this world
      over some edge Lords that want to find the new cool idea so they can get
      funding and to spend it selfishly. Peace my brother I hope you find the
      truth. Ps remember spelling *believs nowledge

    3. You doubt what is shown under a microscope, but you rush to believe the
      tales of people who lived 100s/1,000s of years ago? People who were about
      as educated and knowledgeable as contemporary nine year-olds…and you
      trust their observations more than phenomenon tested under the scientific
      method? Admit it: you just want to believe. You will ignore evidence if it
      counters your desired beliefs.

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