• December 23, 2016

10 Parents Who Won at Christmas

Welcome to Top10Archive! Call us cynical, but nothing warms our jolly little hearts more than watching a parent exact years of pent-up revenge by torturing their child on Christmas morning. Okay, okay. We’re not complete Grinches. Some of these have a happy ending, so just kick back, enjoy that hot cup of cocoa or fermented eggnog – whichever one you are into – and enjoy these top 10 parents who won at Christmas!

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10. The Great Gift Hunt
9. The Early Gift
8. Make Them Work For It
7. Coal For All!
6. No Gifts For You!
5. Testing The Waters
4. Building Anticipation
3. Initiate Disappointment
2. Cancelling Christmas
1. The Console Swap


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10 thoughts on “10 Parents Who Won at Christmas

  1. #6 That kid will be absolutely fine when the party ends and nobody has
    found his dismembered siblings and parents stuffed in the crawlspace under
    the house.

    #3 This little psychopath in training will also be fine after she murders
    her parents for not buying her the right model of Mercades for her 16th

  2. I’m happy just getting a few things I ask for. Games and entertainment
    usually top the list, but I’m fine getting clothes (especially socks, since
    they always seem to disappear).

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