Top 10 DUMB Life Hacks You SHOULDN’T Try

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Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Life hacks are intended to make our days easier and our tasks less complicated, so how is it that there are hacks out there that either serve no purpose or exist solely to harm? The internet, that’s how! To save you the hassle and headache, we’ve compiled ten life hacks that you should undoubtedly steer clear of.

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10. Toothpaste Mints
9. Jellyfish Sting Relief
8. Crayola Eyeliner
7. Freezing Batteries
6. The Wendy’s Hack
5. Heating the Spoon
4. The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
3. Seatbelt Bottle Opener
2. A Simpler Grilled Cheese
1. Charge Your Phone in the Microwave


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11 thoughts on “Top 10 DUMB Life Hacks You SHOULDN’T Try

  1. It’s amazing even a non political channel shows CNN is fake news. I just watched this video from war room “Roger stone Chastises Don lemon” where he ripped apart for telling less about the uranium one deal. How that network is able to stay running when every conservative channel rips it apart is astonishing. Another good one is from Liz Wheeler where she explains their truth Apple video is rotten to the core. Anyone who does research will agree with Gerald Celente when says ” CNN is the cartoon news network!

  2. Disproven Hack #2 extra. Aside from the cheese sticking onto the heating element, there’s also past crumbs that can cause a fire hazard. Thankfully, all that happened was me having to buy a new toaster… (Two slices in one socket works well, though…)

  3. There are multiple “life hacks” about easily loosing weight, a lot of the newer ones ask you to starve yourself.
    Which is dumb as your body will go into a “starvation mode” and hold onto any fat you eat. Making loosing weight harder.
    If you are over a certain BMI (Body Mass Index, the amount of fat you have in your body) you need to be very careful in how you try to loose weight as you can permanently damage your body if you loose weight too quickly.
    Just look at all those people who were on those weight loss reality TV game shows, almost all of them are screwed for life due to the permanent damage they inflicted on themselves.
    This is because of the show making them loose weight at increasing rates for the ratings and are now living through the consequences.
    Some of the other dumb ones ask you to eat a specific type of food and nothing else, like the cider vinegar one in this video.
    This is something an actual doctor told me and it works, not as a weight loss “quick fix”, but as a way for you to not over eat when you don’t need to.
    If you feel hungry have something to drink first.
    Your body uses, sort of, the same “biological triggers” for your hunger feeling as the one for your thirst.
    People routinely mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger.
    So if you think you are hungry drink something and wait half an hour, if you still feel “hungry” THEN have something to eat.
    A lot of people keep eating, thinking they are hungry, when they are actually slightly dehydrated and need something to drink.
    But yeah, on a lighter note, the phone in the microwave thing, how dumb would someone need to be for anyone to fall for that?

    1. Neil Price Couldn’t agree more about drinking before eating! Especially water.. Our world is turning into convenient soft drinks.. A lot of people don’t drink any water at all.. they only drink milk, soda, juice.. something with sugar.. which just adds to the problem of thinking you’re hungry, while consuming 3 times your daily limit in sugar.

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