• May 19, 2017


Welcome to Top10Archive! Space. The final frontier. The great unknown. It’s one of the greatest enigmas of our lifetime, sparking discovery missions since the early 1960s. While there were successes over the years, like Yuri Gagarin’s momentous voyage, there also have been devastating failures, like these ten failed space flights.

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10. Soyuz-U (2011)
9. Soyuz 7K-ST No. 16L (1983)
8. Soyuz 7K-T No. 39 (1975)
7. Gemini 8 (1966)
6. Soyuz 33 (1979)
5. Apollo 13 (1970)
4. Soyuz 1 (1967)
3. Soyuz 11 (1971)
2. Challenger (1986)
1. Columbia (2003)

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18 thoughts on “10 SPACE MISSIONS That Ended In DISASTER

  1. I remember skipping school. playing sick. to watch the Challenger go up on TV. I was upset to see that. 1986 was a tough year for me. Just a couple of months later I was hit by a car who ran a stop sign and almost died. Was in a coma for 2 weeks. But the challenger disaster is something I remember like it was yesterday. And being I live in South Louisiana, the 2003 Columbia disaster didnt happen too far from us. In fact a local news reporter was one of the first to talk about it because he had a few people with him who went with some cameras and equipment and they went to texas or something to film it coming in but instead they filmed the explosion. What is sad is that NASA knew these two shuttles had a possibility or maybe even a probability that it was going to happen. Pretty screwed up NASA. I did get to see the first piece of ISS go up. Some people from NASA came to my University here in Lafayette Louisiana, it was USL at the time but now its ULL. Only a few people showed up for the presentation but they came to talk to students about the ISS and what types of professions they were going to need to do experiments in space. Later that year in the fall I went to the Walt Disney College Program and the day the ISS was scheduled to go up Vista Way, the Disney Apartment Complex for College Program Students,got a bus to bring a group to go to Titusville to watch the shuttle go up. I had a couple of my roommates go and a few other friends I made there go. I told them they were wasting their 25 bucks and time because there was no way it was going up that day because of the clouds. They didnt listen. Sure enough, they came back disappointed. But the next night it went up and being it was at night we could see it all the way from Kissimmee Florida which is about and hour , hour and a half away drive. It was a huge ball of fire. beautiful. I also went to see the John Glenn Launch a few weeks later. My friend Heather and I left early to go. There was no traffic on the way there but on the way back , I knew I was going to be late for work. She ended up having me driver her jeep and I drove on the shoulder for like 30 miles or so and kept taking the exits and getting back on driving on the shoulder passing everyone up lol. Luckily we didnt get stopped by the police. I ended up being a couple of hours late for work. My boss came talk to me asking me why I was late for work. I said because we went to see the John Glenn Shuttle Launch and I would have called in sick but I figured I could make it back in time. Didnt realize the traffic would be that bad even though we left before everyone else, or at least we thought we did. He asked if it was worth it. I said well, lets see, I wanted to work for Disney since I was like 12 or 13 but Ive wanted to see a shuttle launch live since I was 4 or 5. I got to do both of those things in just this one fall of this year. So yeah,it was worth it. But I am sorry I am late. He said he liked my answer and excused me. Well worth it. Wish I had a camera back then like I do now. COuld have gotten some really good close ups of the shuttle going up. Instead its like a stream of smoke. But still very very cool. Not much you can do with a disposable camera. But this was 1998. Didnt have the tech like we do now. ANd if only this british woman had brought me the camera i got a couple of weeks later before. This british woman found a really really expensive camera and asked me if I could put it in lost and found. Had that happened before the John Glenn shuttle launch. I would have bought film for it and used it before I put it in lost and found. Oh well. Yeah yeah. I type a lot. Dont care if it annoys you. Dont read it. No one is forcing you. LOL. Have a great day people. Sad to see people are so childish on these comments with petty insults like children who need attention because their parents ignore them either because they are single parents or they are depressed drug addicts. I guess negative attention is better than no attention. LOL. Yeah Im talking about you two trying to insult each other down there, or up there, Not sure where this story is gonna end

    1. There are still Soyuz craft in service. I believe there is one scheduled for next month, actually. May be the Soyuz MS, but don’t quote me.

    1. Top10Archive +++ I dont know if there is something like an edge or à firmament, all I know is : there is no curvature and the earth is motionless

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