• April 22, 2017

10 Ways We Could Survive On Mars

With the right methods and technology, it is possible we could one day live on Mars. Here’s 10 Ways You Could Survive On Mars.

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11 thoughts on “10 Ways We Could Survive On Mars

  1. A lot of these problems can be solved if you just take #8’s solution and amp it up.

    Instead of simply making people hardier, change them physically to survive the cold. Sweat glands are wasteful of water. Fur would be far superior type of skin to have on Mars than what we have now. There are species that need far less oxygen yet still have active brains (eg dolphins) and this could be used to decrease the oxygen requirements. So with a bit of snow leopard and a bit of dolphin you already have decreased resource requirements by about 90%.

    Finding people who’d volunteer for such drastic changes would mean finding people who aren’t so tied to the current human condition. Such people, who tend to be introverted and lone wolfs, would be able to go on a really long space mission without any mental problems because they spend most of their time alone as is. And that solves another major problem right there.

  2. first and foremost the species in Mars the Martians can lead us the way to survive there it is of their knowledge to instruct us then humans can survive. the very secret will soon revealed and applied.🙍

  3. it would be much easier if NASA would just welcome the entities from Mars and negotiate assitance why making it difficult they already here,. they’re just waiting for the major acknowledgement of their beings, they are martians very much advance in technology than us earthlings we also have a race from their genes’,. these NASA’s difficulties here on planet earth presumption will be vanished an instant like magic so they should be it, lower their pride and say yes to planetary allegiance my god. as simple as that.🙍🙎🙏🙍

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