The Inhumans: Superhero Origins

Superhero Origins: The Inhumans

The Inhumans are the most advanced race in the Marvel Universe. As powerful as some mutants, this team of superheroes fights for not only their race, but to protect the Earth as we know it. They’ve been called many things from hero to villain, meta-human and freak, but the Atitlans, lead by Black Bolt and Medusa. Join WatchMojo as we explore the comic book origins of Marvel’s The Inhumans.

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10 thoughts on “The Inhumans: Superhero Origins

  1. Inhumans are awesome, but the transition to television downplayed their
    abilities, as seen in that Spiderman Clip it made out that Black Bolt’s
    voice could be blocked out by Webbing, but it’s not like that, Bolt’s voice
    can level planets (he can rock a battleship with a whisper), in House of M
    he completely destroyed Apocalypse, not to mention that Black Bolt alone
    also resists telepathy, can fly, fire concussive blasts and has the same
    stamina, physique and endurance as Captain America
    But yeah they’re great, try Sentry next, have fun explaining that origin

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