• February 2, 2017

Top 10 Best Arrowverse Heroes


Who is better, the Flash or Arrow? All the heroes of the Arrowverse are ranked and we looked at characters like Rip Hunter, Constantine and Supergirl, as well as characters like John Diggle and Alex Danvers to bring you the best heroes in DC’s television shows. Join WatchMojo as we look at shows like Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, Supergirl, basically all the shows in the Arrowverse to find out who are the best DC heroes.

00:52 #10. John Diggle/Spartan
01:44 #9. Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
02:58 #8. Ray Palmer/The Atom
03:52 #7. Alex Danvers
04:46 #6. Sara Lance/Black Canary/White Canary
05:32 #5. Rip Hunter
06:24 #4. John Constantine
07:39 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Arrowverse Heroes

  1. Iris West as an honorable mention? Are you kidding me? This better not just
    be because she’s Barry’s love interest because I don’t see any reason for
    her to be on that honorable mention list and not have Caitlin Snow or Cisco
    Ramon on the list itself. Caitlin is super smart, and she’s amazing being
    just on the sidelines doing comms, patching the heroes up after a battle
    and simply offering moral support. And with her turning into Killer Frost,
    we all know she’s going to be even more badass than she already is. Cisco
    is the freaking Vibe. He can see through the past, future and even
    alternate timelines. Hell, he can open portals into different dimensions.
    Not to mention he’s a major factor as to how the team defeats the
    metahumans every week. His inventions are incredible and Team Flash would
    be nothing without them, since they are vital to them saving the day. And
    if you’re talking about actually useful and badass love interests, look no
    further than the best hacker in the world, Felicity Smoak. Oliver Queen
    would never have stopped the Undertaking without her. His crusade would not
    have continued if it wasn’t for her. She was the only one who could
    convince him to start a new team, after all. She’s an absolute genius when
    it comes to computers, she could find anything and everything online. And
    she’s always there to offer a good joke to lighten the day or a few words
    of advice. Iris has only fulfilled that last part for me. And that, I
    believe, is not really enough to grant her an honorable mention on this

  2. The Flash maybe number hero, but he screwed up the universe when he made
    Flashpoint and change most of his friends future(like the death of Cisco’s
    brother and changing the sex gender of John Diggles’s child)

  3. Hell no, I don’t agree with your list.
    1. Oliver should have been the solid number one, WTF?!
    2. Diggle Should’ve been higher.
    3. Iris? Honorable mention? Really?!
    4. RIP Hunter don”t deserve to be on the list.

    With that in mind, my list would be: Oliver, Barry, Kara, Sarah,
    Constantine, Diggle, Alex, Snart. Yeah, just 8, the rest of the heroes are
    way below the ones on the list.

  4. My Top 10 Arrowverse Heroes:

    10. Martian Manhunter
    9. Rip Hunter
    8. Diggle
    7. Alex Danvers
    6. Sara Lance/White Canary
    5. Snart
    3. Supergirl
    2. Flash
    1. Green Arrow

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