• April 2, 2017

Top 10 Movie Tropes That Are Way Overused


Ideas and tropes from movies that have been overused again and again to the point of exhaustion. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 overused movie tropes that we wish would just go away. But what will be at the top of our list? Will it be, The Chosen One, The disaster film, or the superhero flick? Watch to find out!

00:41 #10. Gangs / Mafia / Organized Crime
01:38 #9. Talking Animals
02:28 #8. Sword & Sandal Movies
03:23 #7. Cowboy Cops
04:11 #6. Time Travel
04:56 #5. Post Apocalypse
05:51 #4. Alien Invasion
06:42 #3, #2, #1 ????

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Movie Tropes That Are Way Overused

  1. But all of these are ok tropes that although are overused can still be seen in good movies. Real top 10 tropes that must die list:

    10. person who trained in combat/weaponry once can now beat people who have been fighting their whole life.

    9. the ex military figure has his wife/sister/kid/friend/dog kidnapped and has to rescue them. (it worked for taken and some others but now it’s just boring)

    8. The superhero’s girlfriend makes the hero pick between her or saving the whole damn world.

    7. Shaky cam. (I’m trying to watch the fight and all it does is make it confusing about what’s going on)

    6. Love triangles in YA or love triangles in general.

    5. PG 13 sex scenes. (almost nobody gets turned on by those since they don’t feature the real hot parts and you have to stare at two people’s backs and shoulders moving and it’s especially awkward with your parents around.)

    4. Highschool movies that have segregated hierarchical cliques with the top being the popular blonde bitch and her cheerleading squad and the smexy quarterback bad boy and the mc being an unpopular nerd who everyone likes after she takes off her glasses

    3. the badass take no shit 2 dimensional woman aka the appeaser of feminists. (this isn’t a strong female character this is just as bad as annoying damsel in distress type)

    2. the bad guy’s minions can’t shoot at the hero due to nothing else but plot armour.

    (dis)Honorable mention: badguy who has a Russian/German/British accent.

    1. Forced romance. the love story between the mc and the only female in the movie in a genre such as action/horror that is just added in to add more movie time.

  2. The chosen one in Harry Potter was great! It was a false self fulfilling prophecy.
    Neville was actually a contender for the chosen one. It was just Voldemort who interpreted it as Harry.

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