• August 22, 2019

Top 10 Scary Things That Will Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burns Down

Top 10 Scary Things That Will Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burns Down
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I mean they tell us every day, the world is dying, climate change is going to hurt us, the ice caps are melting and all the polar bears are skinny now. I mean jeez louise can you just let me ignore my problems and continue to consume mindless content like the rest of the world. But no really the world is dying and you should be concerned. You should be in the bean aisle in Costco, stalking up on beans. Its protein in a can baby, once the world goes into big time ,I’m gonna die mode, and everything descendants into a Mad Max area, beans are going to be currency. Now today I’m going to highlight some of the scarier things that might happen with climate change, and the current fire raging in the amazon with today’s list of Top 10 scary things that will happen if the amazon rainforest burns down.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Scary Things That Will Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burns Down

  1. This is legit super scary to think about. I mean we were stearing earth on a collision course anyway but i woult have thought if we all pull together then we might not impact that hard but watching this and reading up on it made me realise how close to extinction we actually are…
    – a site i found with a quick google search where you can learn how to help

    ^Both organisations you can donate to

  2. I am from Brazil and the Chinese companies are like locusts in the Amazon. They pay off corrupt Brazilian officials and ravage the Amazon Jungle and polluting the rivers .

  3. This is heartbreaking πŸ’” I’m Irish but my mum is from Bolivia in South America. She’s not from an indigenous tribe but she grew up in a village in the Amazon. She played with the animals and climbed the trees there. That’s her home but now it’s burning, it’s almost gone 😞

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