• December 12, 2017

Top 5 Myths About Weed

Top 5 Myths About Weed
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Marijuana, Mary Jane, 420, Ganja, Hash, Cannabis, Doobies, Hemp, Dope, Joints, Reefer, Pot…Should we stop? Whatever you call it, you probably have some opinion on it. In this list we’re asking questions like; Does Weed make you dumb? Is synthetic Marijuana dangerous? Is Cannabis a gateway drug? Is it bad to smoke weed before sex? Does pot make you lazy? And many more pressing questions! So sit back, light up, and grab some munchies.

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10 thoughts on “Top 5 Myths About Weed

  1. I can vouch for number one. Weed has an amazing effect and I don’t smoke daily so the highs are intense; been smoking for a while and haven’t had the need or want to try any of those hardcore drugs that aren’t straight from the earth.

  2. its the safest plant in the group they derive drugs from like the poppy plant from Afghanistan. that plant is destroying so many more lives then weed. its bull that we cant have it . doesnt kill people

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