Top 5 NASA Facts that You Won’t Believe

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Top 5 Surprising NASA Facts

Yes, NASA don’t pay their petty fines! Come on, astronauts! The heroes of such movies as Apollo 13, Interstellar, Gravity, The Martian and others, can’t even scrounge up $200 to pay a littering ticket in Australia. Also in this episode of Top 5 Facts: asteroid practically made of money, an urban legend debunked, and Super Soakers!

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 NASA Facts that You Won’t Believe

  1. “Trespassing on Mars because Yemens claim to own it” lol lol lol until we
    are in the age were we can easily travel to distant planets and have many
    colonies I am assuming that the earth and any planner or moon we touch is
    considered shared property to all on it

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