• September 14, 2016

Moonstone: Supervillain Origins

Supervillain Origins: Moonstone

Moonstone, Meteorite, Ms. Marvel, the super villain Klara Sofen has had a lot of names over the years. Who is Moonstone? What are Moonstone’s origins? She was a member of Marvel Comic’s Thunderbolts and even the Avengers. Join WatchMojo as we explore the comic book origin of Moonstone.

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13 thoughts on “Moonstone: Supervillain Origins

  1. Really? This cumbucket skank is the next to get a video? Why can’t you give
    Bullseye a video? The failure of this is spread wider than Moonstone’s

  2. I don’t know anything about this character, and the video didn’t really
    sell her as a very interesting character, but as far as comic book ladies
    go, she has some great costumes. If modern Marvel could do something
    interesting with her powers, origin, and characterization, they could have
    another icon female Marvel character.

  3. Is avengers assemble show any good? I keep wanting too watch the show but
    that first episode is so hard to sit through from the bad story and action.
    And these clips seem to show that it does improve!?

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